Dr. Julie LeMoine

UMass Chan Medical School

Assistant Professor
UMass Chan Medical School

Co-founder of InovaXR lab
Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center

IRC Enterprise Scholar, UCD
sponsored by Microsoft

Julie is wildly passionate about 3D serious gaming and XR and has spent the last 15-years working with more than 20 organizations to create planning/strategies pilots and services using these innovations.

She is an original co-founder of Women in VR, was voted one of the top Women in VR in 2018, was the CEO of a Virtual World software company, is a co-founder of the Shriver InovaXR lab at UMass Medical School, is a Microsoft-sponsored IRC Scholar getting her PhD in 2020 in Applied XR for health and wellbeing. Her XR work spans corporate educational engagement solutions from teaming to onboarding as well as promotes quality of life memory and community wellbeing for all. Her PhD focus is on how XR can support individuals with Autism, Alzheimer’s and other cognitive diversities as assistive technology.

Julie is a 5-time entrepreneur and a big company intrapreneur with over 25 years of experience in executive and team leadership experience in applied technology strategy, secure and high impact engagement at innovation organizations.

In 2017 she lead the creation of the world’s first immersive reality healthcare industry training that storyboards across Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and computers using Unity, the Microsoft HoloLens, the Samsung Gear VR and Windows and Apple computers. She was named a 2004 Top 10 Woman to Watch in New England. Her work has helped US and European Gov’t agencies, Healthcare companies and others including Stanford, MIT Sloan, UPenn, UT Austin.

She is a leader that can push the envelope and deliver on bottom line goals for large to midsize organizations at the cross section of organizational goals, ideation, technology and value creation.

Career Focus areas in the deliver of Technovation: Leading teams that deliver tomorrow, today for the advantage of an organization, their associates, their partners and their customers:

• Crafting & delivering on vision since the birth of the Internet
• Strategic team leadership
• Secure applied mixed and fused reality for global engagement
• Global Ideations in 3D and in person.

Serial entrepreneur (5). Speaker/writer at conferences. Multiple boards and positions.