Jeff Hazelton


Co-Founder and CEO of XdooR

“Pre-med gone bad” is the story of this former aspiring neurosurgeon turned artist and entrepreneur of VR for health. A sailing journey around the world in 1993 led to the discovery of his life’s aspiration to create VR content that would allow “the mind to heal the body of disease”. So in 2001 Jeff founded BioLucid, a visual health simulation company and VR development studio. They built the YOU VR platform, an immersive virtual reality atlas of the human body, built to the highest standards of immersion, aesthetics and medical accuracy. Dr. Oz, Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN, and a variety of medical schools employed the YOU VR platform on their TV shows, as well as in the classroom to train students. BioLucid was acquired by Sharecare in 2016 and Jeff went on from there to produce relaxation and patient experience VR applications for Moffitt Cancer Center and more. Upon returning from a 5 year journey (sailing again, of course) Jeff co-founded the XR development studio XdooR, to leverage all the newly advanced technology in the XR field to again serve healthcare institutions and other clients. Jeff will be discussing a VR patient experience that was created during his collaboration with Moffitt Cancer Center and Ringling College of Art and Design, where he once served as an adjunct professor, and helped inspire the college to launch the nations first 4 year VR undergraduate art school major in 2018. Jeff continues to push the bounds of XR for the benefit of human health.